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1.  Summer is fast approaching

Summer is fast approaching, the sun is rising high in the sky… Now’s the time to go get your CROKINI cherry tomato bedding plants in garden centers!

Tomatoes are the top vegetables eaten in France. Among them, cherry tomatoes are well liked and are eaten mainly raw. In salads, they can be accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar and they make mozzarella taste better. For aperitifs, by themselves or on a skewer, they will sweeten any get-together with family and friends. CROKINI cherry tomatoes can be prepared in many different ways!


2. Why choose a Crokini cherry tomato bedding plant?

The advantage of a cherry tomato bedding plant is above all ease of planting in the garden. Simple and efficient, a bedding plant allows gourmets to quickly grow their own CROKINI cherry tomatoes.
And they can grow just as well in pots (ideally 30 cm (12 in) in width and height).


Still not convinced?

It has other strengths: CROKINI is an excellent quality bedding plant with very abundant bouquets. It’s a very productive variety with numerous disease resistances and the fruit behaves very well on the plant, especially since it doesn’t burst when ripe. You’ll go crazy for these delicious, sweet fruit that are essential for your summer aperitifs.


Where can I find it?

You’ll have no problem finding some!
In your garden center, you’ll recognize the CROKINI cherry tomato bedding plants thanks to their easily identifiable red and white labels!

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